Sunday, July 17, 2011

O.H.M Villa

Yo Yo
Oi Oi in the house Yo

Yo Yo
Huyi in the house Yo

Yo Yo
Miao Miao in the house Yo

Yo Yo
Welcome to O.H.M Yo


How is my rap yo?  Huyi looks hip hop?

What is O.H.M?  (Pronounced as Ohmmmm, the unit for resistance....)

O.H.M means "Oi, Huyi, Miao".  And Welcome to O.H.M Villa, a place where Seah felines rock and relax, and a place where only 4 paws can touch the floor. (2-legged creature must enter with either a broom or mop).

Let me introduce you to O.H.M Villa.

First, what greets you will be our toilet area.  Black is mine, Pink is Huyi's, though I pee in Huyi's litter tray sometimes.  Miao Miao is still young, and he is using a blue tub instead.

See Huyi doing her private business!

Her tail is quivering when she is doing her small business!

Look at the focus on her face when peeing.....

Then, to the left of the entrance is what I call, the "Surveillance Look-out".  This is where we will look out from the window and spot Mum or other people who attempts to peep at us. Huyi also uses this place to remind Mum about our meal times by standing there and meow loudly at her.

The Villa is divided into 2 sections, the first is called "Huyi's steps", though I use it more often.  See, the colour of the steps resembles Huyi's colour!

Huyi's steps

Oi on Huyi's steps?

The other section is called "Stairs of Oi".  The white and grey is my colour (doh).  Both "Huyi's steps" and "Stairs of Oi" leads to the much coveted "Skywalk"

Stairs of Oi

At the top of MY stairs!!

Jumping in from Huyi's steps

The skywalk is the highest point in the Villa, and in the middle, it is protected by 2 pieces of wood, so we don't fall down when sleeping.  See how me and Huyi fight for the Skywalk.

The Skywalk
Huyi relaxing on the Skywalk

But we had a mutual agreement, I will take the Skywalk at night, while Huyi takes it in the morning.

Then, there is a lime-green that is used mainly for feeding.  Mum will put food there so that I can exercise by climbing there to eat.  The lime-green and sky-blue represent's Huyi's and my eye colour respectively!

That's me - eyeing the food on the lime-green and Huyi - eyeing the toy on Stairs of Oi.

2 beds cum carriers for me and Huyi, but Huyi likes it more.  See how she sleeps!  So unglam.

Mum so biased, never put tweety bird to cover her...Booo

Notice 2 traditional cat furnitures?  These are bought later, and strangely enough, after buying the "Swirl Scratcher" and the "Stool", which both are chocolate in colour, Mum got another brother for me.  He is called Miao Miao!!

"Hi, I am the newest Seah cat.  Call me Miao Miao"

Miao Miao is picked up by Ah gong in his workplace.  Then 1 month ago, he got a fever.  Eventually, he became my brother. (=^-.-^|||=)


Why all sleep until like that?!  I also have one belly up photo...

I am Emperor Oi, so some private stuff cannot be exposed!

So, welcome to O.H.M Villa!!


  1. When can we move in? Are the steps made out of wood or plastic?

    Tatiana & Bailey

  2. Hi hi! Thanks for comments. The villa welcomes all felines! They are made of wood, and are very heavy!

  3. I want to know how the floating steps were done. I love them! My kitties will love it.

  4. Hello AN, the steps and stairs are all made by individual shelves and then mounted according to your preferred height and design onto the walls. The shelvesmwere nailednand attached by adhensive so that it is stable.